Conan O’Brien

VIDEO: Nicole Scherzinger Tells Conan To Stop Looking At Her Breasts (Conan Calls Her Out!) Then Does Uncanny Britney Spears Imitation.

Nicole Scherzinger had the nerve to wear a skin tight breast baring dress, and THEN tell Conan not to stare at the goods. Conan brilliantly called her out for wearing the cleavage enhancing dress in the first place. Just when you thought she was ridiculous, though, she did an UNCANNY impression of Britney Spears' singing voice.

Anne Hathaway Raps At The Paparazzi. And It’s Good!

Usually, when anyone other than a rap star says they're going to rap, you have to squint your eyes and grit your teeth through the experience as the awfulness unfolds. This was what I feared would happen when Anne Hathaway told Conan O'Brien she had written a rap song in response to the paparazzi. Then she got to it. Wow!