VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno Address Late Night Feud Rumors With Cold Open “Tonight” Duet

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you “The Tonight Show”, the musical!!

jimmy-fallon-jay-leno-tonight-tonight-duet-picLadies and gentlemen, I bring you “The Tonight Show”, the musical!!

Okay, maybe not…but last night, the crews at both “The Tonight Show” and “Late Night” pulled off an absolutely epic toss between Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon that can only add fuel to rumors surrounding a possible host changeover.

After Jay Leno said good night to his audience over in LA, a tape was immediately rolled showing him exiting his studio and heading straight to his office, where he called the seemingly nervous Fallon in New York.

Fallon answered the call from the Tonight Show Host (literally…that’s what the number was labeled as…), and within a minute, the two burst out into a late night version of WEST SIDE STORY’s “Tonight”, complete with lines like:

Fallon: “In the news all they say is I’m replacing you; they think I can woo the demo”

Leno: “Tonight, tonight, I’ve got Fox on the line, or maybe I could take over for Dave (Letterman).”

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the idea for the musical number came from Fallon, who flew to Los Angeles to film his part of the song.

Check out the full video below, and let’s see if the tease leads to anything big over the next few days!


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