Johnny Carson Biopic In The Works

The Estate of Johnny Carson has agreed to allow John McLaughlin to write a script about the former king of late night.

The Estate of comic genius and former king of late night television Johnny Carson has approved plans to make a movie about his life. According to Deadline, John McLaughlin (BLACK SWAN, HITCHCOCK) is working on a script, with Tom Thayer (HITCHCOCK) producing.

There is no word on who would play the former king of late night but we know who we want to play him. According to a wish list on Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Spacey has been on camera doing a spot on impression of Carson. This from a 2011 appearance with Jimmy Fallon and another time from Inside The Actors Studio where Spacey did impressions of everyone from Carson and Al Pacino to Jimmy Stewart and Katharine Hepburn. Spacey’s Carson impression appears at the 1:30 mark but watch the whole hilarious video. For those of you who have never seen Carson speak, check out one of my personal favorite interviews done by Johnny, with Frank Sinatra and Don Rickles.

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