Totally Didn’t Know ‘Tumbleweed Tornadoes’ Were A Thing Until Seeing This Video

There’s a whole new meaning to “going out for a spin.”

I don’t claim to be anything but a city boy. I hate bugs. Can’t stand when it’s hot outside. And up until know I was like fifty percent certain that tumbleweeds only existed in cartoons. Clearly this city boy needs a trip out west because there are some things I’ll just never see while at Whole Foods.

Journalist, Matt M. McKnight, was on a drive in his VW (named Bessie) when he found himself staring straight into a tumbleweed vortex. What’s a tumbleweed vortex, you might wonder? Well, to put it into terms I can understand, it’s like when you’re walking around New York City and a slight gust kicks up some street trash and then swirls it into the air creating a tiny, disgusting tornado… except much bigger, faster moving and with tumbleweeds. The hairy incident occurred in Eastern Washington near the decommissioned Handford nuclear complex and luckily for us McKnight captured the entire thing on film.

Take a look!

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