‘Schitt’s Creek’ Star Noah Reid Just Released A Beautiful Music Video For His New Single, ‘Hold On’ 

Some might say this music video is simply the best

Fresh off the Schitt’s Creek series finale, Noah Reid dropped the first single off of his new album, Gemini. Reid, who played the adorable Patrick Brewer on the beloved sitcom, released the music video for the single, “Hold On,” and it will totally put you in the feels in the best way possible. The video was artistically shot on 8mm film, from a safe distance, and all filmed in one day. Reid is proud of the dreamlike quality of the video and says it contains messages of hope during this unprecedented time. Talking with E! News the crooner said

“The video for ‘Hold On’ had to be done fast and had to be done carefully. I had other songs that were ahead of it in the singles line-up, but once it was clear the effect COVID-19 was having on the entire world, it felt like this was the song that would resonate the most. I wanted the video to represent the feeling of being isolated and unsure of how things would work out, and also the feeling of joy and celebration when you’re on the other side of the challenges you’ve been facing.”

The video was filmed at a friend’s home which is currently under renovation. Reid felt that the bare bones of the gutted space represented a perfect metaphor for what we are all going through right now. Making the video (and the singer) even more swoon-worthy is the fact that Reid’s partner, Clare, plays his opposite. Ugh, be still my beating heart!

Check out the video below and be sure to get your hands on a copy of Gemini when it drops on May 29th!

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