Someone Is Selling ‘A Bug’s Life’ Sex Toy On eBay And We Can Officially Kiss Our Childhood Goodbye

Strange feelings in 3, 2, 1…

There is loving your favorite childhood movies and then there is really loving your favorite childhood movies and unfortunately I am here to report on the latter.

The 1998 animated Pixar film A Bug’s Life told the story of a rag tag team of bugs that worked together to overcome a gang of really mean grasshoppers. Innocent enough right? Even after saving the entire kingdom, Flik (protagonist ant) only gets a peck on the cheek from the princess. We are talking real PG here people. So why…for the love of God why…is someone selling a fleshlight designed to look like Heimlich, the positively plump caterpillar from the film?!? (Side note: if you’re not exactly sure what a fleshlight is, just know it’s definitely not something that should be cross promoted with a children’s movie)

Texan artist Malek Lazri, is the creator of the sorrowful sex toy which, to his credit, is actually well done. It seems Lazri has painted over the original silicone of the fleshlight to match Heimlich’s color pattern and then added molded silicone to complete the facial features. Gotta love the attention to detail…? I’m not really sure how to compliment this form of art. Lazri also took to instagram to promote the sale of his unorthodox creation and jokingly said (I hope) “One hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed, very light wear, gently used, do NOT SLEEP on this one folks!!!” It’s the “gently used” part that insures those heebie jeebies.

It goes without saying that the fleshlight is not an official piece of Pixar memorabilia. Regardless, if you just have to have this piece as a part of your collection, it’s currently going for $2,o00. Good luck?

Check out the Instagram posting in it’s entirety below!

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