It Looks Like A Sequel For ‘The Greatest Showman’ Is Definitely In The Works

Hugh Jackman confirms that The Greatest Showman creators are “working on a treatment for something”- which sounds like a sequel to me!

There has yet to be a group of musical misfits that I haven’t identified with, and the circus acts in The Greatest Showman were no different. I mean, I feel like I am the bearded lady…but then again don’t we all? After the musical phenomenon swept box offices and raked in over $435 million worldwide, it’s no surprise that murmurs of a sequel have been floating about since the credits finished rolling on the first film. Those murmurs have only grown louder and now it seems pretty likely that a Greatest-er Showman in the works!

Wolveri…P.T. Barnu…Hugh Jackman was talking to BBC Radio 2 about his latest film, Missing Link, when he spilled the beans about the potential for a circus sequel. He said:

“The real answer is ‘could be’, I’m not sure. I’m being completely honest with you, there is talk of something going around but no one is really sure. I think right now there’s more emphasis being put on what will happen with… ‘I was doing my show, will there be another live version’. No one is really sure right now, so that’s the honest truth. But I think someone is working on a treatment for something… I know they are, they’re working on a treatment for something.”

That sounds pretty convincing to me! Jackman also confirmed that if offered the chance to reprise his character he would.

“I don’t know. I would like to be part of it, for sure, and I don’t know if it would be centered on my character. The other thing is, it did take eight years to get [the first movie] made and that wasn’t all eight years of convincing people. It takes a long time to write stuff.”

So look out cause here it comes…hopefully! Of course we could be years away from seeing the sequel in theaters, but just the promise of another musical masterpiece is enough for right now!

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