‘Desperate Housewives’ Cast Reunited To Fund Raise During These Desperate Times

Not even the ladies of Wisteria Lane could have predicted the dramatic episode we are living in right now.

Suicide. Vehicular manslaughter. Airplane crashes. Riots. Fake pregnancies. Electrocution. Alcoholism. Love triangles. Switches at birth. I mean the list of things the women of Desperate Housewives endured during the show’s 8 seasons can go on and on. One thing the lovable ladies of Wisteria Lane never encountered though was a fast spreading, viral pandemic which caused most of the world to shut down. To help one particular community effected, some of the cast of Desperate Housewives virtually gathered to raise money for the Actor’s Fund, a non-profit which is helping many out-of-work performers during this time.

Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Vanessa Williams, Dana Delany, and Brenda Strong reunited Sunday night on Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley’s YouTube series, Stars In The House. While the stream suffered a few technical glitches, fans were still excited to catch up with their favorite housewives. Longoria admitted that the quarantine has one silver lining in that she has “never worked out so much in her life.” Cross said the quarantine has turned her into her desperate alter-ego by revealing  “I cook a lot. I actually am Bree Van de Kamp.” The most relatable of the bunch had to be Delany who suggests isolation isn’t much different than her norm, “I drink a lot, I spend all my time alone, I’m a loner. I live alone, I do my yoga…really, no different.” Same girl, same.

Missing from the reunion was Nicolette Sheridan, Terri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman but no word as to why.

Check out the full, fun interview below!

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