Kevin James Keeps Inserting Himself Into Famous Movies As A Boom Operator And It’s Hilarious

The King Of Queens is now the King of the green screen.

Plenty of people fantasize about making it big in the movies some day but not everyone hopes to be working the boom mic when they do. While it’s definitely an integral part of the movie making process, it’s not quite as flashy as being the Ryan Gosling or the Bradley Cooper. And yet somehow, Kevin James has found a way to shine a bright spotlight on boom operators in his YouTube series appropriately entitled Sound Guy.

The concept is pretty brilliant. James and his production team use a green screen to insert the actor into famous scenes from iconic films. After what I can only assume is hours and hours of editing, James appears seamlessly as a sound guy just trying to get some good audio from stars like Lady Gaga and Will Smith. The original dialogue flows perfectly with the bits James is edited into so the end result is pretty damn hilarious.

The Notebook

The Joker

A Star Is Born

I Am Legend

Who would have guessed Paul Blart was capable of such cinema mastery?! There is no denying the genius behind these movies shorts! To see more of the Sound Guy click here!

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