Martha Stewart Responded To Chelsea Handler Recreating Her Sultry Pool Selfie With Some Shade, Compliments And An F-Bomb!

We are all Martha-Stewart-Livinggggg for this.

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart has turned into a spicy septuagenarian and it has only made her fans love her more. She is besties with Snoop Dogg, she has no trouble roasting celebs and most recently, she posted a selfie that left the internet buzzing. At 78, Stewart posted this stunner to Instagram earlier this week:

Peep that pout! It’s safe to say that any of us would kill to look this good when we reach our seventies. Hell I’d give my left foot to look this good now. It came as no shock that the selfie went viral, so viral in fact, comedian Chelsea Handler took the time to recreate the selfie. With a caption that read “I’m here to take @marthastewart48’s swimming lesson. If I look this good at 78 I better still have a pool to show myself off in” the 45-year old shared this to Instagram:

Along with tips for party throwing and scenic tablescapes, Stewart is also known to have quite the funny bone and can give a backhanded compliment better than most. In a response to Handler’s recreation Stewart wrote “Dear Chelsea, I’m so happy that you like my post well enough to emulate it. I do think my pool is a little bit prettier than yours and that my facial expression is a little bit more relaxed.” THE SHADE! “Nevertheless you are a beautiful girl and F–KING too young to be emulating me,” Stewart continued dropping a wholehearted F-Bomb, “Continue with your comedy, your humor, and your amazing ability to gather around you political liberals. We need it!” And because she is the queen of good manners, Stewart finished the comment with “Love Martha.”

All of this is just goals.

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