The Internet Is Freaking Out After Seeing What The Inside Of A Kangaroo Pouch Really Looks Like

Childhood cartoons have seriously let us down.

Anytime a kangaroo was portrayed in animation they always had a giant pouch that was clearly visible and looked almost like a sewn-on pocket. If the animation was really clever, that pouch was practically like a designer purse that acted like a catchall for kangaroos. Well animal vlogger, Alexandra Kalin, shared exactly what a kangaroo pouch looks like and let me assure you our whole childhood was a lie!

First, the pouch isn’t easily visible like one might have been led to believe by the design of the mom kangaroo in Winnie the Pooh. Instead, it’s pretty small and stretches to accommodate the growth of the joey…the baby kangaroo, not Matt LeBlanc. There is also a nipple inside the pouch that the joey latches onto for the duration of its incubation period. There were definitely no nipples on any of the cartoon kangaroos I’ve ever seen.

Like me, the internet didn’t know what to make of the revelation. One social media comment read “Just saw what a kangaroo’s pouch looks like and I’m permanently scarred.” Another wrote “for personal reasons I will be deleting my eyeballs.” And someone who suffered from the same confusion I did wrote “I always thought it was a lil purse attached to their bodies.” Right?! I just assumed it was like their own little Kangarooney & Bourke bag.

To follow Alexandra’s zoo adventures click here! and check out the clip below if you are brave enough to have your perception changed forever!

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