The Netflix Trailer For Ben Platt’s Radio City Music Hall Concert Just Dropped And Of Course It’s So Good I’m Crying

Today will be a good day and here’s why…

Ben Platt, if you waved at me through a window I’d be tempted to break social distancing guidelines…there I said it.

The trailer for Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall just dropped and it looks like it’s going to be an inspirational roller coaster of emotions that I cannot wait to ride. Long are the days since Platt was first introduced to us as an awkward, magic loving, a cappella singing, frizzy haired freshman in Pitch Perfect. The Ben Platt shown in the Netflix trailer is all man and dazzles viewers with his captivating voice and quiet vulnerability. The concert special documents the final stop on Platt’s Sing To Me Instead tour and was filmed back in September. The trailer begins with the 26-year-old revealing how he copes with anxiety.

“I’m a very anxious person so I live very much in my head. And I have a really hard time being present where I am and one of the most special ways for me to do that is with music. You have given me such a gift by letting me do that for you tonight.”

Already crying. If you have ever gotten the chance to see Platt perform live in one of his theatrical roles…like Dear Evan Hansen for example…you know that his talent is beyond measure. Platt is accompanied by a full band and a Radio City audience to insure that this Netflix special will be one to remember. At the very least, Platt promises 85 minutes of carefree entertainment.

“I hope this lets you forget your worries and troubles and just be here with me.”

The good news is we only have to wait until May 20th to stream the special on Netflix but the bad news is that today is not May 20th! Check out the trailer below and then stare at your calendars like I will be doing for the next nine days…

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