BUZZWORTHY: Shonda Rhimes Spills Beans On 8 Netflix Shows She Has In The Works

We’ve picked her. Chose her. Loved her. Shonda Rhimes has become a household name as she created some of televisions most compelling shows. Through ABC, Rhimes introduced TGIT with a Thursday night lineup of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. With this, she certified her QUEEN status.

Earlier this year in a bold and unexpected move, Rhimes announced her plans to partner with Netflix to create shows for the streaming service. The ABC network had been such a staple of Rhimes’ career that many were shocked to hear about the new partnership. Of the deal Rhimes said:

“[The Netflix content officer] understood what I was looking for — the opportunity to build a vibrant new storytelling home for writers with the unique creative freedom and instantaneous global reach provided by Netflix’s singular sense of innovation. The future of Shondaland at Netflix has limitless possibilities.”

I think it’s safe to say that we have all binged a season or twelve of Grey’s Anatomy over the course of a rainy weekend, so brand new bingeable content sounds like a genius idea! I don’t think Rhimes has slept in the last 20 years, but now less than ever as she just announced 8…8!!!!…shows she has on the pipeline for the streaming service. Here are some beans she spilled on those shows:

Untitled Shonda Rhimes Project

Rhimes serves as creator of this series which is inspired by the New York magazine article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People.” The premise will follow a woman who cons her way into Manhattan’s social scene.

Untitled Bridgerton Project

The series follows the powerful Bridgerton family and takes a look into London’s high society marriage mart. The series is based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels. Scandal EP, Chris Van Dusen, will adapt and showrun the series.

The Warmth of Other Suns

This series is also adapted from literature, but this time it’s derived from the Pulitzer-Prize winning author Isabel Wilkerson’s book of the same name. The series will document the African Americans looking for refuge in the North after fleeing the Jim Crow South.

Pico & Sepulveda

Set in California in the 1840s, when California still belonged to Mexico, this series will tell of the American brutality used to take ownership of this land.

Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change

Based on Ellen Pao’s extraordinary memoir, this series will take a look into the Silicon Valley boy’s club and how Pao’s lawsuit in the industry is bringing about amazing change.

The Residence

Another White House drama for Rhimes, but this time is based in nonfiction. Based on Kate Anderson Brower’s non-fiction book The Residence: Inside The Private World Of The White House, Rhimes will take us into the lives of America’s first families.

Sunshine Scouts

We’ve got the emotional dramas from Rhimes, but now she’s conquering comedy. This half-hour comedic series follows a group of teenage girls at sleep away camp who survive a fallout and agree to uphold the Sunshine Scout Law.

Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

Dramas, comedies, what else can Rhimes cover? Documentaries. This documentary offers behind the scenes looks into Debbie Allen Dance Academy’s version of The Nutcracker. In Allen’s version of the classic ballet, all ages and races were invited to dance and tell this timeless story.

I am going to be Shonda-hausted everyday at work because you can’t simply turn off a Shonda-show! No news on when any of this content will be available but we can expect to see some of these shows drop as early as this year. Till then, you’ll fine me doing my happy dance.

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