After Alec Baldwin Tweets Homophobic Slurs At Reporter, Some Cry Foul Over Inconsistencies In Public Backlash.

Alec Baldwin hurled homophobic slurs at a British reporter who accused Baldwin's wife of tweeting about wedding presents while she was at James Gandolfini's funeral. Now critics are drawing comparisons to the Paula Deen scandal, raising questions about whether the media and society are selective about who gets a pass on improper language.

DISTURBING VIDEO: Wife Finds Husband with Another Woman, Throws Her Off a Cliff

Surveillance cameras capture the chilling moment a woman finds her husband allegedly cheating - but rather than asking questions, she drags the other woman away from him, throwing her off a cliff that oddly enough, is just footsteps from where the rendezvous was taking place. The woman lives! The obvious lessons here are don't cheat, don't throw anyone off a cliff, and if you are going to cheat, don't meet near a cliff.

John Travolta’s Massage Lawsuit May Play Out In Open Court

A judge denied a petition from John Travolta's camp to keep the testinomy in a lawsuit against him from being in open court. Unless Travolta settles, he'll have to defend himself publicly against allegations of assualt and battery after a cruise ship masseur accused him of forcefully embracing him during a massage.

POP FLASHBACK: Three Years Ago, Tiger Woods’ Life Was Imploding. The NY Post Covers Got REALLY Creative.

Three years ago, on November 25, 2009, The National Enquirer was breaking a story on Tiger Woods. Sure, the mainstream media wouldn't listen (at first) but before long, the world would be talking about the athlete's scandal, and his life would be changed forever. But the thing I remember most was the covers from The New York Post.

In Defense Of Tyra Banks.

It's well known that former model and America's Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson says whatever she wants, whenever she wants. As a result, crass remarks pretty much eject regularly. This time she is going off on Tyra Banks and the series in what seems more like a jealous rant than anything insightful.

America’s Next Top Model Finale Shocker!

In a reality TV world where few finales have tried and true shockers, the final episode of America's Next Top Model All Stars managed to surprised everyone. Not just because one of the three finalists was suddenly out of contention, but because of Tyra and the cast's strange vagueness about why.