Britney Spears’ Former Manager Claims The Singer Used Amphetamines, Shaved Head Because Drug Use Could Be Detected From Hair

In a lawsuit against the Spears family, drugs are being blamed for the singer's downfall.

While Spears is enjoying a successful run as a judge on X Factor, allegations about her past demons are haunting her in a Los Angeles courtroom.

Her former manager Sam Lutfi, 38, is suing 30 year old Spears for the 15 percent of her earnings that she allegedly promised him in the roughly eight months he served as her manager, starting in mid-2007. He’s also suing her mother Lynne for defamation. In her 2008 book Through the Storm she alleges that he drugged Britney and cut her off from her family. He’s suing Britney’s father Jamie for an alleged physical assault that he claims occurred in 2008.

Lutfi’s attorney, Joe Schleimer, told the jury that Spears’ heavy use of amphetamines were instrumental in her breakdown, and that Lufti in fact tried to prevent her from using drugs. He also said that Spears suffered from paranoid delusions. Schleimer showed a photo of Spears shaving her head in 2007 claiming that the singer made the bold move because she had drug use could be detected by testing hair, and she was worried about losing custody of her two sons. 

Lutfi’s attorney claims that part of the manager’s agreement to represent Spears was contingent on her stoppin her drug abuse, and that he even brought drug-sniffing dogs to her L.A. home to clear it of any illegal substances, a term they claim Spears agreed to. They claim that in the June 2007 search, dogs found a white powder, that Spears admitted was crystal meth.

Spears is not expected to appear at the trial, but her presence will definitely be felt, as she is the focus of most of the testimony. Lufti claims that he was left alone to deal with Spears’s pill popping. Which at one point leading to a forced hospitalization after Spears locked herself in a bathroom, drugging herself for 36 hours.

In Lynne Spears’ book, Britney’s mom claims “Lutfi cut the phone lines in Britney’s home, disabled her cars and ground up medication and put it in her food in an attempt to cause a “sleep-induced coma” at the urging of her doctors.” (quote via USATODAY.) Lufti’s attorney vehemently denies the cliams.

Lutfi has had his legal problems before. In 2009, a judge imposed a three-year restraining order against him. He was deemed a threat to the singer’s recovery. Testimony from the Spears camp today is expected to reveal more allegations against him.

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