Britney Spears

POP INTERVIEW: Jim Beard On Winning a Grammy, Performing with John Mayer and Producing Incredible Jazz

A lot of music world hoopla was made this week when Britney Spears left her standby producers, Dr. Luke and Max Martin. Metallica. The Beatles. When any artist leaves behind an old sound onto a new one, the stakes are costly. But what people don't know is this is an artist is only as good as his or her producer. The same is true of jazz.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Jordyn Foley’s Bizarre X Factor Audition Leaves Simon Speechless

12 year old Jordyn Foley's performance of "Tomorrow" from Annie is way over the top (including one spoken word section!) and what happens afterwards is hysterical. You will end up liking this little scene stealer. Stay tuned for the woman in the last five seconds who runs up to thank Simon Cowell for saying yes. (He didn't.)

VIDEO: Nicole Scherzinger Tells Conan To Stop Looking At Her Breasts (Conan Calls Her Out!) Then Does Uncanny Britney Spears Imitation.

Nicole Scherzinger had the nerve to wear a skin tight breast baring dress, and THEN tell Conan not to stare at the goods. Conan brilliantly called her out for wearing the cleavage enhancing dress in the first place. Just when you thought she was ridiculous, though, she did an UNCANNY impression of Britney Spears' singing voice.

VIDEO: Dancers Salute Britney Spears Over The Years

In a tribute to Britney Spears at MTV's Video Music Awards, dancers took on her personas over the years, from "Hit Me Baby One More Time," to "Toxic" and more. The dancers took on sped up remixes of her hits, while Spears sat in the audience, amazed.