It was only her first day at “X Factor”, and Britney Spears already seems to be causing a bit of a controversy!

According to MSNBC, the roar of about 4,000 people welcomed Spears when she made her judging debut at the Frank Erwin Center in Texas.  For the most part, the singer reportedly kept her comments nice, only giving two no votes out of fourteen, and even tweeting

“Texas has a lot of talent — seriously!” she tweeted. “Loving @TheXFactorUSA auditions so far.”

However, right after the tenth contestant left the arena, Spears was escorted backstage for a break that lasted through the next four performers.

None of the other judges mentioned her departure, even when someone in the crowd shouted, “Where’s Britney?!”  The only comments that came from the “X Factor” camp was that she needed the break.

During the second show taping, however, Spears seemed to be in better spirits, chatting a lot more and even standing up on her chair with fellow newbie judge Demi Lovato and dancing.

The judges will return to the same arena tomorrow for two more audition show tapings.