Demi Lovato

MUST SEE VIDEO: Jordyn Foley’s Bizarre X Factor Audition Leaves Simon Speechless

12 year old Jordyn Foley's performance of "Tomorrow" from Annie is way over the top (including one spoken word section!) and what happens afterwards is hysterical. You will end up liking this little scene stealer. Stay tuned for the woman in the last five seconds who runs up to thank Simon Cowell for saying yes. (He didn't.)

Demi Lovato’s New Single “Skyscraper” Will Surprise You.

Demi Lovato has said 'no thank you' to autotuning, turning out a raw, unvarnished, powerful single called "Skycraper." While the song alludes to a broken relationship, it's also a obvious response to the tumultuous years of substance abuse and emotional turmoil that sent her to rehab. Despite being less than 20 years old, her performance is one of a woman wiser and stronger than her years.