Britney Goin’ Country For Her Weddin’

Britney wants to keep it simple and southern for her upcoming wedding to her former agent Jason Trawick.

Britney wants to keep it simple and southern for her upcoming wedding to her former agent Jason Trawick.

As you know, the “hit me baby one more time” girl keeps getting hit with engagements – this is her third marriage! (Third time’s the charm!) And now, she reportedly wants to keep it low-key and simple, with a traditional, southern style country wedding – including traditional comfort foods and her family.

She’s a country girl at heart, and it’s rumored that she may tie the knot in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana. (Her whole family seems to be hip on country right now – her sister Jamie Lynn may be launching a country singing career… she’s been playing bars down south.)

Spears isn’t afraid to keep it low-key! Remember the wedding photo right after her first marriage – the Vegas quickie wedding to high school friend Jason Alexander? (Ooh, boy with that picture.) She’s got a baseball cap on, jeans with holes all over them, and a baseball cap! Gotta love a casual gal.

Actually that marriage only lasted about 55 hours before it was annulled. Jason Alexander actually gave an interview where he said he is sad about the upcoming wedding. He tells US Weekly: “I know everyone wants me to be happy about this, but I am not. I think it’s fake and I think people are afraid to say it.” He says you can tell from photos of them that they aren’t truly close and there’s no connection.

Kevin Federline has stayed very quiet except to wish her the best. (Even they had a fairly simple wedding at a private home, so keeping it low-key the third time around is probably a good idea.) Seems like he has never gotten over Britney.

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One thing you can say about this time around – the couple took their time. They’ve dated about two and a half years already.

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