Jennifer Hudson’s Dramatic Weight Watchers Ad Shows A Woman Transformed.

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss has never been more evident than her latest Weight Watchers commercial, which shows her singing a duet with herself from a 2004 American Idol performance – a reported 80 pounds heavier.

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss has never been more evident than her latest Weight Watchers commercial. The spot features a stunning present day Hudson singing a duet with herself from a 2004 American Idol performance in which she is a reported 80 pounds heavier.

The commercials utilize moments from Hudson’s “Idol” performance of “I Believe In You and Me,” but actually steals moments from her judge’s assessment as well (the laughter at the end) to create a more interactive feel with the present day Hudson. In the original performance, Hudson was lauded for her vocals, but her pink dress was attacked by Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Likely, no one would be criticizing her current day ensemble.

Hudson Weight Watchers campaign has been a proven success. The company reported a 30% spike in revenue for the first quarter compared to the prior-year period when they first began their “It’s a New Day” campaign starring Ms. Hudson last year. These new ads, developed and created by agency McCann Erickson, drive home Weight Watchers’ 2012 mantra ‘The Year to Believe.’

Lately Hudson has found herself riding the usual tabloid roller coaster of women who go through a dramatic weight loss. Inevitably, the process begins with accolades, often followed by the eventual ‘has she gone too far’ questions.

But Hudson, who depending on reports has gone from a size 22 or 16 to a size 2, seems unfazed by the coverage, determined to avoid the career pitfalls that come with being an overweight actress. The singer actress writes about rejecting the title role in the critically lauded film Precious due to the required weight gain. Been there, done that.

“I had done that with Effie … and as much as I was moved by this film, I wanted to try a role that had nothing whatsoever to do with my weight.” The part eventually earned it’s eventual star, Gabourey Sidibe an Academy Award nom.

Hudson write about the matter in her book, “I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down.”

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