‘Full House’ Cast Goes Under “Full Quarantine” In New Viral Video

“Whatever happened to predictability?” A global pandemic is what happened.

Much of the world is still learning how to cope with our new normal of social distancing and self isolation. Thanks coronavirus. The silver lining to all of this alone time is the burst of creativity that seems to be pouring out onto the internet however. Celebs now more than ever have being taking to social media to share messages of awareness and hope. The latest to jump on this trend is that cast of Full House who created the #FullHouseChallenge, which urges fans to stay home.

Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Jody Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barbera are all featured in a revised opening sequence which shows the cast working on typical quarantine tasks like hand sanitizing and hardcore napping…all separately of course. It’s a clever reminder that now more than ever we should keep our distance and avoid a full house! The video has of course racked up tens of thousands of views because who doesn’t like to remember the past when we are muddling through a troubling present!?

Take a look at the video below!

@bobsaget“Full Quarantine” – Stay Safe and Stay Home. ##fullhousechallenge

♬ original sound – bobsaget

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