A Man Reuniting With His Donkey For The First Time Since Quarantine Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

We haven’t gushed over a donkey like this since Shrek hit theaters.

Quarantine has been hard for a number of different reasons. Some of us have been separated from our family. Others haven’t seen their friends in months. And then there’s this guy who’s love for his donkey has made me question every serious relationship I have ever had.

In the now viral video, Ismael Fernández from Malaga, Spain reunited with his donkey after being separated for over two months. The lockdown restrictions were recently lifted and the first thing Fernández chose to do was to visit Baldomera, his adorable donkey, who was being cared for by the Spaniard’s sister. Fernandez greets his pet with tears and eagerly pats and scratches the donkey’s head while Baldomera returns the love with brays of affection. It tugs on every string in your little, quarantined heart.

The entire video is in Spanish but the love between these two is universal. Check out the entire video below and just remember, someday soon we too will be reunited with our loved ones.

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