A Hamburger Bun Went Viral For Having Better Skin Than Any Of Us Could Ever Hope For

This is truly one bun-believable photo.

A photo of an incredibly smooth hamburger bun is sweeping the internet, stunning social media users everywhere with it’s appearance. No seriously, the bun is so smooth Bruno Mars should probably go ahead and remix “Uptown Funk.” The creaseless carb started making the rounds over the weekend when Twitter user @Otter_Weekend shared a photo of a fish filet topped by a beautiful bun with the caption “Drop 👏 that 👏  skincare 👏 routine 👏.” For real, I’d bathe in a tub of botox for skin that looked half as flawless as that bun.

The photo caused the social media platform to erupt with comments, sparking a conversation about whether the bun is the essence of perfection or just plain creepy. One user commented “that burger bun is more attractive than I’ll ever be, but I’m not surprised to be upstaged by food.” Another jokingly suggested that the bun’s complexion is credited to “half apple cider vinegar + half distilled water. And here you go.” And finally, one user couldn’t bare to look into the face of perfection and said “Dude that bun is too perfect. Throw it out, it’s spooky.”

Join in the fun, check out the bun and see what you think!


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