Live Crabs Overtook Baggage Claim After Passenger’s Cooler Burst Open

Don’t you just hate when you have to claim your luggage in a pinch?

Flying right now is weird experience. Airfare is unusually cheap, there is virtually no one on line at security and there are like 10 people aboard each plane. Even with air travel being as unusual as it is now I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the nautical nightmare that happened at one Bahaman airport. Someone was flying with a cooler filled with LIVE CRABS!

Ok, so a cooler of live crabs doesn’t sound like that big of a deal unless the cooler were to suddenly pop open…well that’s exactly what happened! While taking a spin on the conveyor belt at baggage claim, the crab cooler burst open and the crustaceans went scuttling everywhere. If this one Twitter user didn’t capture the ordeal on film I’d swear this was just a scene from another installment of Finding Nemo.

Take a look at the wild video below!

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