A Twenty-Five Year Old Can Of Spider-Man Chef Boyardee Was Opened And It’s Contents Were Disturbing

Spider-man, Spider-man…spent 25 years rotting in a tin can.

Remember when a good Saturday afternoon meant cracking open a can of Chef Boyardee, plopping down on a beanbag and watching some action-packed, comic book cartoons? Well, I do…except we never had a beanbag…a grudge I’ve carried into my 30’s. In any event, one retro-enthusiast shared on Twitter an event that would make any 90’s kid giddy. Matt aka @DinosaurDracula opened a “wildly corroded” can of 25-year-old, Spider-Man Chef Boyardee soup and the contents would have even Peter Parker panicking.

It began with a simple announcement.

You can practically smell the anticipation…or is that decades old soup?

Ok…who knew soup could fossilize?!?

The soup-fossil was rock solid and came out of the can in one piece!

Alas, only one part of the original contents survived…

What a wild ride! I have never been so intrigued. Who knew nostalgia could be so nasty?

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