Quarantine Hasn’t Changed Much For The Ladies Of ‘Sex And The City’ In This Hilarious Parody

I can’t help but think “is this the spoof we’ve always needed…?”

Hanging out with our best gal pals during this time of isolation isn’t a reality for most of us. Well, actor Jayke Workman found a way to keep socially distant while still having fun with some of the best friends he knows. Adopting some pretty stellar impersonations, Jayke created a hilarious parody featuring himself as the four leading ladies of the wildly popular series, Sex And The City. The short video offers some insight into how the girls might be handling their quarantine…spoiler alert, not much has changed for the fabulous foursome.

Jayke sets up the parody on Tik Tok as “The ladies of Sex and the City quarantine in Miranda’s Upper West Side apartment.” The actor makes good use of a few simple outfit changes and quick edits to change back and forth between “Carrie,” “Samantha,” “Charolette,” and “Miranda.” I’m telling if you close your eyes you’d swear it was actually Kim Catrell defending her right to take explicit photos during this time of crisis. The video is filled with perfectly executed nods to the series as Charolette obsessively cleans, Miranda hands out judgments, Samantha proudly defends herself and Carrie takes to her computer to ponder some existential thoughts about “whore-antining.” It’s perfect.

Take a look at the hilariously accurate video below!

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