Lil Nas X Shares An Inspiring Video From A Year Ago AND One Today, Before & After “Old Town Road” Made Him A Millionaire.

In two videos dated January 8th, exactly a year apart, Lil Nas X eats pizza – in the first, from 2019, he talks about the recent release “Old Town Road” and says “it’s doing pretty f*ckin’ good.”

He notes that he’s still building a following, with just 3 thousand instagram followers, 2 thousand youtube followers and less than 1 thousand spotify followers.

He says he’ll check back a year from then. In the second video he checks back in, now 2020, looking noticeably richer and happier – noting he now has 5 million instagram followers, 8 million youtube followers and 30 MILLION spotify followers. He thanks his fans, and signs off.

Old Town Road has sold more than 1.5 million digital copies in the United States as of December 2019. The single topped the Hot 100 for nineteen consecutive weeks from April to August 2019.

How’s that for inspiring?

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these 2 videos are exactly 365 days apart. (watch till the end)

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