POP INTERVIEW: Comedy/Entertainment Radio Hosts Benjamin Viele and Alexander Rodriguez

I was minding my own business as I did my usual intellectual things bettering humanity: drying off my self tanner on a nice walk, eating diet ice cream and casually dropping large sums of cash at Gucci. All of a sudden, these two borderline-psychotic guys showed up threatening to force me into the nearest religious cult center if I did not interview them at once for Pop Goes The Week.

Movie Studios Love Turning Their Backs On You, And Other Hollywood Movie Poster Cliches.

Proving once again that moviemakers love a cliche, check out this collection of movie posters ... notice a familiar theme? This is just one of the brilliantly assembled collages put together by a blogger who is seemingly obsessed with Hollywood's own obsession with repeating the same marketing tools over and over and over...

Chaz Bono Advances To The Next Round On Dancing With The Stars… Who Was Cut?

Given the media hype and apparent divide about Chaz Bono's participation on Dancing With The Stars, it seems many were just waiting to see if he would be the first to be eliminated from the show. But in fact, it was another contestant that was ousted in this season's first week... and Bono successfully advanced to the next round.