Russell Brand Deported From Japan, Katy Perry Sad.

Comedian Russell Brand had every intention of enjoying wife Katy Perry’s concert in Japan. But once he arrived there, he was taken into custody and later deported. The whole story unfolded on Twitter, when Perry delivered the news:

Fans quickly asked for details… and Perry explained that he was detained over ‘priors from over ten years ago.’

Perry went on to rave about her Japanese fans, continuing on her trip to perform the Tokyo concert, while Brand took to Twitter himself to take everything in stride.

He tweeted: “Planning escape from Japanese custody. It’s bloody hard to dig a tunnel with a chopstick,” and uploaded a photo of himself:

A former heroin addict, Brand has been arrested 11 times. He got clean in 2002.

Comedian Russell Brand was in Japanese custody this weekend and later deported from the country, according to tweets by Brand’s wife Katy Perry. Brand had flown to Japan to see Perry perform.

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