Star Jones Opens Up (More) About Her Ouster From ‘The View.”

Star Jones sat down with Joy Behar to promote a new book… but the juiciest bits about her visit, not surprisingly, were about her abrupt and dramatic departure from ‘The View.”

Behar pointed out that although Jones was fired, she had the opportunity to say publicly that she had decided to leave the show on her own. But Jones said that ABC had made that impossible:

“…For the week, two weeks, three weeks prior, the network was leaking out little stuff to the media, and paparazzi was at my house and ringing my doorbell and contacting my neighbors…”

Jones went on to describe the effect it had on her both mentally and physically…

“…It was really probably the most emotionally destroying time of my life. I was honestly not sure that I could take it… I actually lost an additional twenty pounds! II twas scary. I started looking like Skeletor! … especially for somebody who used to weigh 300 pounds.”

Jones and Behar hadn’t spoken since their last show together.

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