Will Christina Aguilera Open Up About Her Problems On “The Voice”?

Christina Aguilera has had a helluva (technical term: ‘helluva’) few months. Now, she’s going to be on national television every week for NBC’s new series “The Voice,” where she’ll serve as coach to aspiring musicians. Will she open up about her latest dramas?

xfinity.tv’s Sean Daly got some insight from Aguilera herself:

“I am healing after a really hard time in my life,” she told xfinityTV.com Monday morning.  “But I get to share these experiences with (the contestants).

In the article she continues on about the importance of some disclosure. (POPgoesTheWeek even chimes in about Xtina and her public image.) Let’s hope she delivers on her promise… opening up a little can only help her!

 A pretty cool gimmick within the show is how the celebrity judges (Aguilera, plus Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine) get matched up with their contestants… each celeb musician is in a chair facing away from them. When someone sings and the judge/mentor wants to coach them, they swivel their chair around to face the singer. If more than one celebrity turns around to face them, then it’s up to the contestant to decide which star will be their new coach. (Damn – that can’t be easy!)

The Voice debuts on NBC April 26th.

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