Julia Louis Dreyfuss Lands Another Series!

For a while there had been speculation that the cast of Seinfeld (the supporting cast, really) were cursed with a career freeze – no new roles or opportunities were hot enough to last.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss has certainly driven that conspiracy into the ground.

After moving from Seinfeld to the successful The New Adventures of Old Christine, the actress just had her comedy pilot, “Veep,” picked up for series by HBO.

According to Deadline.com, Dreyfus stars as a former senator and newly elected Vice President who finds that the job isn’t quite what she thought it would be when she first joined the campaign ticket.

All Vice Presidents should look this good!

The series has a comedy bent and will  feature “Arrested Development” star Tony Hale as her right hand man, and “My Girl” star Anna Chlumsky as her chief of staff.

Maybe the ‘curse’ just applies to the men!

Michael Richards flopped with his sitcom ‘The Michael Richards Show” (and his racial rant during a standup performance didn’t do much for his career either.) Jason Alexander starred in “Bob Patterson,” which went didn’t last long either. Jerry Seinfeld produced films and ‘The Marriage Ref’ – but he’s swimming in money whatever happens. Literally. He is swimming in a lap pool full of money right now. As we speak.

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