POP INTERVIEW: Comedy/Entertainment Radio Hosts Benjamin Viele and Alexander Rodriguez

I was minding my own business as I did my usual intellectual things bettering humanity: drying off my self tanner on a nice walk, eating diet ice cream and casually dropping large sums of cash at Gucci. All of a sudden, these two borderline-psychotic guys showed up threatening to force me into the nearest religious cult center if I did not interview them at once for Pop Goes The Week.

POP INTERVIEW: “Chuck” Actor Vik Sahay Has an “Awkward Sexual Adventure”

Canadian actor Vik Sahay's TV character, Lester Patel, was once confused for a lesbian. Making his move to notable film roles, his most recent being the victim of Steve Stifler's jokes in American Reunion, he stars in the Toronto Film Festival selection, My Awkward Sexual Adventure, which will premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival this Friday.

VIRAL @#$@#$ VIDEO: Comic Greg Benson’s Irreverent Vacation Cruise Videos

Comedian Greg Benson is an irreverent, foul mouthed, but also kind guy who's going viral with his unorthodox videos from his cruise vacation. His profanity ridden (its bleeped) tour of the ship is probably the most unlikely publicity this cruise ship has ever gotten. Then, he interviews Harold, an 81 year old karaoke singer who sounds like he's going to cough something up during his performance.

Comedy Legend Phyllis Diller Has Died at 95

Legendary comic and actress Phyllis Diller has died. She was 95. Phyllis Diller first started doing in her late 30's... some reports even say she began at age 38. Proof enough that you should never let age get in the way of starting a whole new path.

Anna Faris Will Not Be Returning For SCARY MOVIE 5

I have no idea why, but for some strange reason, studio execs are moving forward with a SCARY MOVIE 5. And while Anthony Anderson, Regina Hall, and Kevin hart are all in talks to return, the real question on everyone's mind (okay, maybe not everyone...okay...maybe not anyone...) is will series star Anna Faris return?