HILARIOUS (and Racy!) VIDEO: “The Boyfriend Experience” Is Much More Than You Bargained For!

We’ve got the first look at this scene from the next episode! Watch at your own unvarnished, uncensored risk!

Ever wish you had a boyfriend? “The Boyfriend Experience” reminds you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! Baroness Von Sketch Show takes a raunchy, not too optimistic, but all too hilarious look at three women who set up a ‘boyfriend experience’ for the single lady among them.  But remember, if you’re single and looking for a boyfriend, be careful what you wish for!

In this sketch, the delightfully untethered Meredith MacNeill steals the show, but the series, which airs Thursdays at 9pm on IFC, features a range of satirical scenarios with each of the show’s four female stars taking a pointed look at the absurdities of life. These are women you want at your party, even though they’ll probably make a scene, and one of them will probably be passed out in your tub when you wake up and go to the bathroom the next morning. And you prefer it that way.

The show itself is a romp. (Do people still say romp, or just in articles?) Imagine if you took the storylines of Sex and The City and reconceptualized them as satire after you’d had three rounds of drinks and gotten a little surly. (Which, by the way, is how I watch Sex and the City currently.) This is a girlfriend comedy for the rest of us!  Except sometimes these girlfriends rob banks…

On top of it all, it is the only sketch show to be created, written, directed by women and star four female leads, so let’s hear it for some girl power!

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