Comedian Shares Why A Gay BFF Is Actually The Worst In Hilarious Video

Clearly, we have to protect the sanctity of gay guy dance parties at all costs.

A gay man and a straight woman go together like peanut butter and jelly…if the peanut butter was low fat and there was no bread involved because carbs…duh. Well, comedian Tess Gattuso took to Twitter to share that having a gay bff isn’t as “magical and Sex and The City said.” She begins her comedic rant by saying “Contrary to popular belief, having a gay best friend is not fun. They are mean, teenage girl mean, but enhanced by male privilege.” If you’ve ever been the runner up at Drag Bingo you know exactly what she means. Tess goes onto list a number of issues she has with gays, particularly her bestie Cameron. “They also make you feel bad because they are always doing squats therefore they have big muscles and therefore they can eat whatever they want. If I ate like them, I’d be tired all the time” she gripes. But perhaps the biggest issue Tess has with her gay friends is that they won’t invite her to “gay guy dance parties.”

 “Another bad thing is that they do not invite you to their gay guy dance parties. Please include me,” she says earlier on but then reiterates “Are gay guy dance parties a safe space that my presence would ruin? Yes. Do I still stand by what I said? Yes.”

The entire video is clearly made to be satirical but Twitter seems to think she’s hit the nail on the head. One user commented “I can’t find the lie, sis!” Another wrote “SCREAMING AT THE ACCURACY.” Either way, take a look and a good laugh at the video below!

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