This Video Of Henry Cavill And His Beefy Arms Building A Computer From Scratch Is Exactly What We Need

He looks pretty super, man.

There is ton of quality entertainment floating around the web right now but every so often there is an upload so glorious it makes all other posts bow their heads in shame. Today’s extraordinary internet entertainment comes in the form of Henry Cavill and his two, hunky arms.

A nearly five and a half minute video of the British actor building a PC from scratch is sweeping the internet today and for good reason. In the video, Cavill is wearing a tank top which perfectly showcases his massive arms which made just about everyone weak in the knees. The video is soundtracked by a Barry White medley just to burn up our loins a bit more.

There’s not much else to say except, enjoy your next five minutes of bliss by checking out the video below!

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