People Are Wearing Inflatable Costumes While Walking Their Dogs In Funny New Trend

Pet care during a quarantine isn’t always a walk in the park…unless you decide to have some fun with it.

Over two weeks of social distancing has proven to be *ruff*. With the social distancing guidelines getting stricter as each day passes, people are being forced to find unique ways to stay cheerfully occupied. Out of this need for comic relief came a new trend I think we can all get behind…walking your dog while wearing an inflatable costume. We have seen videos featuring these inflatable costumes go viral time and time again but there is something about adding a pup to the equation that makes them all the more entertaining.

One Reddit user posted a video of their walk with their dogs while dressed in a unicorn inflatable. In the 27-second video it is hard to tell who is enjoying the walk more because both the unicorn and the pups look so damn happy. Redditers were quick to comment on just how this wholesome content made their day: “I love that there are people out there willing to do things like this to bring a smile to someone’s face.” Another noted that the dogs must be used to their owners flare for dramatics – “And the dogs are so nonchalant about it, like they do this all the time!”

Going for a walk from r/rarepuppers

Another dog owner, Melissa Tolen, decided to give others something to giggle about and threw on a T-rex costume on her daily stroll with the 5-month old Ember. She told a local news source in Indiana that her goal was to bring smiles to the little kids that are stuck at home. I might not be a little kid but I sure did smile from ear to ear! More of this!

A Facebook user over in Scotland shared a video of an inflated Stegosaurus taking it’s dog for a stroll just days after the country enforced strict social distancing guidelines. You can hear giggles coming from behind the camera so it seems like it’s another mission accomplished for this pup-dino duo.

It’s safe to say that we can all use some wholesome laughs during these troubling times. Let’s keep the whacky dog walks going and share this with friends!

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