VIRAL: Dogs VS Sprinklers!

On these hot summer days, it's hard to revert to your ten-year-old self and just go to town with your garden hose! Fortunately for dogs, they never really grow up, and are happy to frolic, growl, and chop at hoses and sprinklers! This video has gone viral - because what's more unbridled that a dog that's obsessed with something?

WATCH: A Scotty Pinwheel.

Let's be honest: dogs get clicks. Click away! But seriously, until you've seen six Scottish Terrier puppies drink milk while walking in pinwheel formation, you really haven't started your day properly.

CUTE and FUNNY VIDEO: Two Dogs “Skyping”

Gaytor, a fox haired terrier, apparently loves to 'chat' with other dogs, so when his owners want to reward him, they pull up a video of another dog howling, and he howls back. The end result? It looks like they're skyping. Now it's going viral like crazy.