This Couple Is Absolutely Crushing Their Daily Lockdown Lip Sync Challenge

It’s time. To lip sync. For. Your. Sanity!

Being quarantined with a significant other has either made relationships stronger or blown them to smithereens. It seems like there are only two outcomes for couples who have been trapped at home together: Divorce Court or Big Brother: Couples Edition. One comedic couple might be headed down a different path however, as they would absolutely smash the competition on Lip Sync Battle. 

Comedians Rachel Parris and Marcus Brigstocke needed a way to keep busy during these isolated times and thus the #LockdownLipSync challenge was born. The couple takes turns challenging each other to a themed lip sync battle with the performances getting more epic as the days go on. Marcos has covered some throwbacks from Huey Lewis & The News, Bonnie Tyler and Donna Summer. Rachel doesn’t shy away from big names either and has covered Celine Dion, George Michaels and Kelly Clarkson. The lip-syncs are hilarious and so well executed it makes me kinda sad I am not quarantined with the happy couple.

Rachel started the challenge with this “Problem.”

 Marcus responded with a “Boom.”

Rachel wasn’t afraid to get dramatic all by herself.

But nothing compared to Marcus’ dramatic return.

Rachel had faith she would bounce back.

And just moments ago, Marcus posted this video rising to the challenge again, agggggggaaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnnn!

This dynamic duo seem like a whole lot of fun and are truly turning lemons into lemonade…new plan, we have to convince them to do a Beyoncé-themed battle!!! The videos are garnering hundreds of thousands of views within hours and rightfully so. We could all use a little laughter during these troubling times!

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