This Impression Of Moira Rose From ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is Unbelievably Spot On!

Prepare to have you wigs snatched…right off the wall.

The beloved, Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, wrapped up its final episode last week and the void left in our hearts has us feeling downright schitty. Over the course of the show’s six seasons fans fell in love with a bevy of characters all who resided in a wonderfully charming yet podunk little town. Perhaps the most captivating of all the characters, however, was Catherine O’Hara’s Moira Rose. Moira is known for her extravagant, black and white, designer wardrobe, her impressive collection of wacky wigs and most importantly, her indistinguishable, overly enunciated, vowel-elongated accent which is so unique it is not easily replicated. Well, one fan/impressionist on Instagram, @ItsChristinaHart, has not only nailed the Moira-accent but she also gives a little glimpse into how Moira might be handling the coronavirus quarantine.

Christina says the impression was created out of a combination of the popular show ending and her boredom from being stuck in the house. She is also sure to note that “Moira” has no makeup and limited wardrobe in quarantine hence the towel wrapped hair and jammies. Not only is the impression impressive…but the script Christina came up with is hilarious too. “Alexis, corona can’t find you if you don’t breathe so loud,” she begins. “John, if you cough on me one more time I will have no option but to report you to the authorities” she warns her television husband. She wraps up the video with an iconic throwback to the series, “Lastly David, today I think is the day we learn how to fold in the cheese.” Yay for you, Christina, yay for you.

Take a look at the hysterically accurate video below!

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