This Makeup Artist’s Transformations Into Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin Are Wild!

Liss Lacao proves there is no need to cover-up your Tiger King obsession.

There is a fever running ramped throughout the world and I am not talking about one related to coronavirus. The Netflix documentary series, Tiger King, has swept the nation, hopped over international borders and is now taking the world by storm. Millions of people have binged the series and it trends on social media daily. Well makeup artist, Liss Lacao, has taken her fandom to the next level and transformed herself into the two most polarizing stars from the series. That’s right, I’m talking arch enemies: Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

Liss has been a makeup artist for five years and spent seven and a half hours of her lockdown completing the transformations. In an interview with Fabulous, Liss said:

“I loved the ‘Tiger King’ documentary as the whole series and how it all unfolded is crazy. Although it’s upsetting about the animals, the story line was so unbelievable it was almost funny! I chose those faces to make myself over as it’s what captured my attention the most, and after watching them on tv for a while I found it easy to recreate.”

Liss’ profession grew out of a passion that sparked around the age of 12 when she started practicing face painting and make up at school fairs. Of the two transformations, Liss said Carole’s was more difficult and you know somewhere right now Joe Exotic is screaming obscenities in agreement.

Just a reminder that Joe Exotic is currently serving 22 years for for 17 counts of animal abuse and 2 counts of murder for hire after allegedly scheming to murder Carole Baskin. No word on how either of them feel about potentially becoming the number one Halloween costume this year.

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