BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: Making The Amazing Spider Man Lizard Fight Scene

For The Amazing Spider Man, director Marc Webb and the visual effects artists at Sony Imageworks. created some scenes that were entirely computer generated. Take this high-action fight scene between Spidey and a huge lizard, which is set in the high school. Here, even the high school environment is completely animated. Watch this cool docu-video about how they put it all together.

FASCINATING MOVIE TRAILER: “Sellebrity” Examines The World’s Obsession With Fame

The documentary "Sellebrity" looks compelling - and is certain to start some debates about the plight of the rich and famous, who are often stalked by tabloid journalists. The film examines the irony of a business where stars need attention to become famous - and the lines that are inevitably crossed when that fame is achieved. Some people will likely shout 'boo-hoo' at their struggles - but others may sympathize... where do you stand?

Bully Gets Its PG-13 Rating

The producers of “Bully” have won a battle with the Motion Picture Association Of America to give the film a PG-13 rating instead of R. Now kids as young as 13 can see this important documentary.

VIDEO: “Rabbit Fever” Is An Ironically Funny Must-See Documentary

Who knew!? There is a huge subculture of people obsessed with rabbit shows. And so, because no one has done a documentary on these people yet (we are running out of documentary subjects, aren't we?) we now have "Rabbit Fever," which looks like a very funny kind of "Best In Show" type of doc, except these people are real. Check it out... it looks hysterical!

VIDEO: Johnny Depp Lays Into Ricky Gervais.

Okay, kinda. But clearly, Johnny Depp has a sense of humor. In this video, he sits down for a meeting with Ricky Gervais - whom infamously lampooned Depp while hosting the Golden Globe Awards. Meanwhile, is Gervais getting skinnier and skinnier or what?