The Trailer For Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Is The Glimmer Of Hope We All Need Right Now

Netflix is quite becoming on the former First Lady.

If you woke up today looking for a boost of hope in your coffee cup, I’ve got something even better because the trailer for Michelle Obama’s documentary just dropped and it is chock filled with good feelings. The Netflix documentary follows the former First Lady on a 34-city book tour for her best selling memoir, Becoming. In the book, Obama divides her life into three parts: “Becoming Me,” “Becoming Us,” and “Becoming More.” The documentary seems to heavily focus on “Becoming More” as the trailer depicts many instances of Obama speaking to young women and children about taking charge of their future.

Politics aside, there’s no denying the grace, strength and positivity of the former first lady. The trailer begins with Obama saying “I am from the South Side of Chicago. That tells you as much about me as you need to know,” and she is so right. Growing up in one of the roughest cities in the country could have led to a completely different life if it wasn’t for her determination and perseverance. This message of hope is EXACTLY what our country…no, the world…needs right now!

Becoming premieres on Netflix on May 6th. Check out the trailer below!

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