Dance Scene From ‘Miss Congeniality’ Recreated Perfectly By One Guy On Tik Tok

It doesn’t have to be April 25th to spread some Miss Congeniality goodness.

Professional dancer and Tik Tok user, Logan Schyvynck, made the best of his quarantine by recreating the iconic dance scene from the fan-favorite, Sandra Bullock film. In case you’ve somehow forgotten, Bullock aka Agent Grace Hart goes undercover as “Miss New Jersey” in a beauty pageant to find a domestic terrorist and has to perform this routine to blend in with all of the other pageant queens.  Rather than break the social distancing guidelines and choreograph the routine with dozens of “Miss United States” hopefuls, Schyvynck performed the whole thing from the comfort of his own home with the help of a multiplying filter and a good, impromptu costume.

The whole video is truly one in a million and I should know because what else do you do but search millions of videos while in quarantine? To follow Logan, click here!

To check out the video, just look below!

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