Family Shares Just How Miserable They’ve Been With A Hilarious Quarantine Rendition Of ‘One Day More’

Safe to say this quarantine has us all feeling a little misérables.

As parts of the world remain shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is growing increasingly challenging to keep entertained. I imagine it’d be even harder to keep children occupied when they can’t attend school, after school activities, see friends or family members etc. One family channeled their isolation frustrations into an updated version of the song “One Day More” from the popular musical hit, Les Misérables and trust me this remix is all that and a loaf of bread.

Ben Marsh shared the video of him and his family performing the Broadway classic on Facebook with hopes of cheering up some of his friends. The updated lyrics are hilariously relatable. At one point the kids sing “Our grandparents are miles away / They can’t work Skype! We’re brokenhearted.” Ben also takes to the mic expressing his almost potty-mouthed grief about home schooling, “One more day’s home education / Let’s just let them run amuck / We’re not ready for these schoolboys / cos’ they just don’t give a f-.”

Aside from the lyrics, the best part of the video is the first few seconds that show what quarantine life with small children is really like. Before harmoniously singing together, the children hit one another and bicker about nonsense which just adds to the humor of it all. On Ben’s post he writes “Decided to include a bit of the intro so that you can see what kind of madness Danielle Marsh and I would be dealing with, if we didn’t occupy them with music making.” Luckily it seems music making really does keep the kids at bay!

Don’t wait one minute more and check out the hilarious video below!

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