POP Interview: Wildly Funny Jack Gray Sounds Off On Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin, And The Best Ice Cream Flavor Not Invented Yet.

It would be far too simple to say that Jack Gray is a producer on Anderson Cooper's AC 360. He's also a hilarious author who has gotten drunk with Kathy Griffin, driven a disheveled Joan Kennedy home from jury selection, and dared to look New York City in the eye and take it by storm. His new book, 'Pigeon In A Crosswalk' is out now. I asked him about it and he took not a single one of my questions seriously.

Levi Johnston’s Sketchy, Snarky Comments Are Back

Levi Johnston's 'long awaited' book is finally coming out! (As a game, try to read that last line aloud without laughing!) According to the Associated Press, Johnston says that ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin) got pregnant intentionally to take a sort of revenge on her mother.

Today’s Unlikely Friendship: Cheetahs and Dogs

The San Diego Zoo has four pairs of Cheetahs and dogs who live together. Why? Cheetahs hate each other. They're like sorority girls who look alike but they actually detest one another's company. Sitll, the cheetah's need some company. So when the cheetah is about 3 months old they pair it up with a dog that is about 6 months old, so that the dog is the alpha in the relationship. Within about a week they are inseparable.

Ed Harris’ Stunning Portrayal Of John McCain.

Look again. That’s not the real John McCain, that’s actor Ed Harris, playing John McCain (with an uncanny physical resemblance) in the upcoming  HBO mini-series “Game...