Try Monica’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe From The Upcoming ‘Friends’ Cookbook

Could I be any more excited about these cookies?

Friends may have ended its initial run over 15 years ago but the impact it left on pop culture has withstood the test of time. Aren’t we all still pining for the Ross to our Rachel? Haven’t you spent years trying to come up with an alias as influential as Regina Phalange?  Don’t you and your roommate spend most nights trying to master the game of cups…ok that last one might just be me. In any event, the beloved sitcom has found yet another way to wiggle its way into our homes with the release of an upcoming cookbook, “Friends: The Official Cookbook,” expected to hit shelves this fall. Since it’s 2020 and the year is moving by at a glacial pace, news of an upcoming book simply won’t keep us satisfied. Luckily for us, a few pages of the book are available as a sneak peek and Yahoo has shared one with the recipe for “Chocolate Chip Cookies The French Way” from the episode “The One With Phoebe’s Cookies.”

In case you haven’t seen the episode recently in one of the many rerun marathons on various networks, in this episode Monica asks Phoebe for her grandmother’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe so she can be the mom who makes the best cookies. After Phoebe reveals that the recipe was lost in her recent apartment fire, they try to recreate the recipe by tasting the last remaining cookie Phoebe had in her freezer. After 22 attempts at replicating the recipe it’s discovered that the “friend” from whom Phoebe’s grandmother learned the recipe was none other than Nestlé Tollhouse…aka the major Swiss food and beverage company. In Phoebe’s disappointment she looks down at the floor and screams to her dead grandmother “It’s because of stuff like this that you’re BURNING IN HELL! ” which only solidifies my theory that Phoebe Buffay is the best character ever.

Well instead of wasting 22 batches of cookie dough on an almost perfect cookie, although one batch did make Ross vomit, you can simply just follow the recipe listed in the upcoming book. The trick seems to be refrigerating the dough several times throughout the process but according the Yahoo, these will be the best cookies you ever make. Here’s the recipe:

Credit: YahooLife

Yum, sounds even better than Emma’s inappropriate, phallic-shaped 1st birthday cake.

The official cook book is expected to hit shelves on September 22nd. For more on Yahoo’s experience baking the cookies, click here.

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