YouTuber’s Grumpy Dad Looks Just Like The Food Critic From ‘Ratatouille’

Safe to say this is a five star look-alike.

Popular YouTuber, Joe Mele, tik-took to Tik Tok to share that many of his fans think his dad looks just like Anton Ego aka the snobby food critic from Pixar’s Ratatouille. Just a reminder, Anton isn’t exactly statuesque so I get why Joe’s dad remains adamant that he does not see the resemblance. After some feet dragging, Joe convinces his dad to undergo a few minor adjustments to see if his fans are right once and for all…spoiler alert, they are totally right!

Joe begins by changing his dad’s outfit from an ironically bright, cheery yellow shirt to a grey blazer and a black scarf. Even with this minor change the doppelgänger looks like he is about to spit out some harsh culinary criticisms. Then Joe’s dad slicks back his hair all the while reiterating how much he hates this whole thing. With the final touches of some makeup and a small pair of glasses the transformation is complete. Joe’s dad begrudgingly “does the pose” and amazingly looks like something straight out of a Pixar storyboard!

Take a look a look and a laugh at the full video below!


@mmmjoemeleDAD ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT😂 ##foryou♬ original sound – mmmjoemele

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