Anderson Cooper Tears Into Snooki!

In an essay that was long overdue, Anderson Cooper spent a great deal of time and effort finding just the right words to verbally eviscerate  Jersey Shore’s Snooki.

He takes the biggest issue not so much with Snooki herself, but those who are paying her ridiculous amounts of money to be  … well… Snooki.

Within the commentary, which is both spot on and eloquent, he describes her as a “freakishly tan, Beer guzzling, juicehead hugging, muscle loving … pint sized money making machine.” But it only gets better. He goes on to quote passages from both her book and that of Toni Morrison’s – the Pulitzer Prize winning author who is getting paid two thousand dollars less than the 32,000 Snooki got from Rutgers to speak there.

Well said, Anderson!

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