Ed Harris’ Stunning Portrayal Of John McCain.

Look again. That’s not the real John McCain, that’s actor Ed Harris, playing John McCain (with an uncanny physical resemblance) in the upcoming  HBO mini-series “.”

Entertainment Weekly debuted the photo, and now it’s travelling around the web like wildfire. 

You remember that Julianne Moore is going to be doing what promises to be a spot-on portrayal of Sarah Palin… a photo released previously has shown that they’ve recreated Palin’s signature look with amazing results as well.

Based on the best selling book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, the movie will following McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, and we all remember how colorful and ultimately disastrous that was.

The filmmakers have played the buzz/social networking game like a violin, releasing sneak peeks all along the way, and they haven’t disappointed!

Not everyone is so excited about the film, though, Meghan McCain, a columnist for the Daily Beast, says the film recounts many stories she doesn’t believe to be true, and finds that casting mostly liberal actors will inevitably taint the performances to be decidedly biased, saying, “I expect my family and Sarah Palin to be nothing short of crucified.” Sarah Palin too is preparing for the worst, saying ““I’ll Just Grit My Teeth & Bear Whatever Comes”.”

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